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Design and typefaces for LAW Magazine's 10th Issue: Folklore, Faith & Unity. 3 magazines, 2 inserts and stickers housed in a case sealed with 2 intersecting bands
Part 1: Folklore. Featuring Jeremy Deller, Johnny Banger, Jason Evans, Studio Orta, William Grundy, Rae Chen Elliman, Heresy and more
Part 2: Faith. Featuring King Krule, Theo Cottle, Holy Trinity Boxing Club, Anna Best, John Simons and more
Part 3: Unity. Featuring Destiny Boka-Batesa, Lou & Pax Nindi, Joseph Prince, James Massiah, Adama Jalloh, Delly Deacon and more
LAW Hammer. You can't mess with the LAW
LAW Albatross. A bootlegged Albertus born out of a spelling mistake